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With the numerous resources provided online by multiple bloggers, educationists and search engines ready to show up relevant content in relation to the user's needs especially when seeking for Dissertation Help, writing services or thesis writing research. Education has become much easier whereby students get to find resources online (for essay help purposes) without so much struggle, and if teachers could have an idea as to why almost half of the student population hate writing, then they can have an idea as of what to do to address the students problem and reluctance. Getting to learn some of the reasons as to why students avoid writing a research paper, and how making the process of writing to be automatic can really be of help to students.

The Statistics of Students Buying Custom Written Papers Online.

It is usual for students in regard to the recent educational system to hate and avoid writing altogether since most students when questioned by our experts said that the writing process takes long and is quite tedious and non-rewarding and the editing process is far much worse and 84.25% of students preferred to hire a custom writing service online to save time and effort. Most students complained of the fact that assessments and assignments did not add up in the final grade in the end of the semester and thereby becoming a waste of time and effort. And most of them spent numerous hours checking out for buy essay online advertisements from well reputable companies such as MyPaperHub since paper writing is a monotonous activity. Teachers should know that students hate laborious tasks which necessitate several components of writing being cumulatively used as sub components which need to be co-joined to become one piece of writing. Also, our expert found out that some students hate the fact that the art of custom essay writing is a physical process which should be updated to become more modern and an easy to do, task. This was in regards to the fact that most students are used to playing games online which are sophisticated and by means of technology and in this case, fast technology for example modern games for example the soon to come “Play Station 5”, which will be fueled by the VR effect and 4k support and students who tend to use this kind of sophisticated games tend to find the writing process to be boring and unrewarding contrary to video games which can be rewarding in the end with a big win against friends and competitors online.

What pushes a students into buying Custom Written Papers Online.

Students who suffer from learning problems usually submit brief written work with indecipherable content, and such students can be victims of a huge misunderstanding from the teachers by being termed as lazy students who lack proper motivation. In the end, the students become demoralized and lack any psyche in academics by being mistaken for a deficit writer and lacking proper skills in writing. This can lead to the most common of techniques where students source for a cheap writing service to help them in academic essay writing. Buying cheap essays can either be of help or lead to major problems when caught plagiarizing; this is when a student opts to purchase a custom essay from a mediocre essay writing company with essay writers for hire originating from countries outside the U.S.A and the E.U region.

What Can Be Done?

There are thousands of reasons why students like to avoid the writing process. The following lie on that path either directly or indirectly.

  • Most students get overwhelmed by the writing task, and over 70% are faced with the challenge to getting started.

  • Most students lack the concentration to form sentences which in turn form paragraphs. This is a manual process, and students hate to do this.

  • Students dislike the use of writing mechanics and organization of work.

  • Students have the concept in mind, but they lack proper wordings to help describe their ideas.

  • Also, they spend a lot of time forming ideas, and this leads to being prisoners of the writer’s block.

  • Multi-tasking can be a great problem for students who have to think and write at the same time. That is why oral tests can be easy, but writing papers can be a hard task to accomplish.

  • Writing on paper or typing can be a tedious process for students who tend to like practical work. Of course, practical tests can be interesting and enjoyable for the students..

  • Students in the end of writing a paper find out that the paper is still not ideal for submission and also students tend to find out that they have written only a paragraph though they spend more than 24 hours researching. This is not a substantial effort for time spent on the paper.

As heads of the education institutions and the co-joined efforts of parents and teachers, students can benefit from them being helped to find the writing choice being enjoyable and by developing skill development by the following issues being applied.

  • The education system should purpose to develop a greater understanding of the writing process

  • The education system should develop more efficient learning skills for students to practice.

Career Development: Skill Development For Students

The triangle hierarchy representation represents the steps in developing skills involved in writing. The processing skills include the physical components of writing and developing an active working memory. On the other hand, mechanical skills involve lower level tasks such as automatic script writing, use of apt punctuation, spelling, and grammar. Teachers and heads of institutions should help students develop skills for writing and also they should try to yield a positive attitude as far as writing is concerned to aid students in finding writing as a meaningful activity and not just a waste of time without rewarding outcomes.

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